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Plain Paper Proofing | Midwest Color Lab
info@midwestcolorlab.com | 313.535.8880
Midwest Color Lab


We are proud to announce that Midwest Color Lab is now offering a plain paper proofing offer to all of our photographers. Wedding, Event, Sports, & High School Senior Photographers, this is an in-expensive alternative to your proofing needs.

We can print 4, 6, 9, and even 12 full-color images per page. We will add a watermark to the pages at no extra charge.

Compare the cost: 4 proofs @ .29 cents = $1.16, Plain paper option: 4 proofs per page/2-sided, 4 pages (32 proofs) = 96 cents. They are printed on 24lb stock, in color.

100 proofs @ 29 cents = $29.00  That’s just the start of your expenses: add a proof book, $12, add your time to assemble the proof book, and you could be out $50 – $60, maybe more, if you have the proof book personalized.  Plain paper option: 100 proofs, 4/page and 2-sided = $6.00  Even with the set-up, layout & finishing fee of $18, your 100 image proof book will only cost you $24. Your savings could be as much as $50, or more!

This includes a cover page of your selected photo (image number underneath each photo), a title; in the font and text of your choice, and both a transparent cover sheet and a protective back cover in faux leather.

The 6 up/2-sided, 9 up/2-sided, and 12 up/2-sided pages will save you even more.

We have very inexpensive options: a background image for your proof pages, 28lb glossy paper,  your name and phone number at the bottom of each page, free watermarking of pages or images – your choice. Need something else, ask! We will try to accommodate all of your needs.

Call Pat, 313-535-8880, Midwest Color Lab I will be happy to explain our program and the options available to you.