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Club 125 | Midwest Color Lab
info@midwestcolorlab.com | 313.535.8880
Midwest Color Lab

CLUB 125

Professional Photographers, join Club 125!

Club125Midwest Color Lab offers dependable, high quality, and professional photo printing at rock bottom pricing. The annual fee of $125 will mean that all of your 8×10 units will only cost you 99¢ each! That’s right! Any single image, print combination will only cost you 99¢ ea.

For instance: 1-8×10, 2-5x7s, 3-4x6s, 4-3.5x5s, or 8-wallets, 99¢! This Special $125 Club also includes combo units. All prints are on real RA-4 processed, lustre, professional photo paper!  No inkjet or thermal here!

That means any combo unit: 1-5×7 w/4 wallets, 2-3.5×5 w/4 wallets, 1-5×7, 2-3.5×5, & 2 wallets, any multi or different sizes combination that fits on a single 8×10 sheet of photo paper is only 99 cents.

There are limitations and color space (sRGB) requirements. Your images don’t have to be to format. The print program crops from the center of the image. Editing and packaging is extra. We also offer Sport-Specific art layouts and designs: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, and Volleyball. Don’t buy those expensive psd files online, if your order is large enough, you could qualify for free designs and layouts.

Again, if the League or Association is big enough, we can design custom art layouts for all the teams no extra charge. You will be required to furnish the logos and color schemes.

But, Imagine; Trading cards, Sports tickets, Digital Memory Mates, Buttons, Magazine Covers, Key chains, Magnets, & t-shirts, even Locker Prints – up to 11×17 in sizes all specific to your clients and their teams.

Call me for an appointment and a complete explanation of the Club 125 Program. Midwest Color Lab is a custom photo lab that still offers traditional photo processing and printing. We have been printing digital images since 1999.

Churches/Special Event Planners, our print packages will help make you money and your families will receive 1st quality photo printing that will last a lifetime. We can now offer program printing for your church, organization or association.

Our services include, conventional photo printing, digital printing (on real professional photo paper), canvas-board, canvas wrap and canvas to masonite board. We process C-41 color film. We also offer film scanning, CD authoring, digital Memorial or Family slide-shows, digital proof books, digital enhanced retouching and restoration.

We are probably the only Professional Photo Lab in SE Michigan that still does gold or silver imprinting on high school graduates’ wallet photos.

We have serviced many of the area’s best photographers, commercial businesses, and studios since 1965.

Email us with questions: pmh-gm@midwestcolorlab.com